Through questions and answers, common doubts raised by customers are hereby introduced.
If your concerns are not covered, please consult us by other platforms or telephone.

About Stay

  • Q.What's the time for check-in and check-out?

    A. Customers can check in from 14:00 and check out by 6:00 next day.
  • Q.Is there any semi-private room for just one guest?

    A. We feel very sorry that no semi-private room is provided for single use (just for one guest). You are recommended to reserve semi-private double. There is no fee specially set for single use. Please understand.
  • Q.If private, semi-private double or semi-private wide is reserved, will the fee be changed or refunded when the occupants decrease?

    A. The fee will not be changed or refunded. In addition, "sleeping bags, pillows, and meals" are not provided for the reduced guests. Please contact us immediately after confirming the reduction. We will prepare the items according to the actual number of guests.
  • Q.Can I pay by credit card?

    A. Yes. Credit cards (Visa/Master/American Express/JCB/Diners/Discover) and transportation electronic money are acceptable when purchasing items in the store.
  • Q.Is there a charge for cancellation?

    A. If you cancel your reservation, we will charge penalty as follows in accordance with the accommodation terms.
    ※ For a group (15 or more), the charge is different from the following. Please make an enquiry by mail.
    ※ Semi-private (double/wide) Please note that when the occupants of private rooms decrease, sleeping bags, pillows and meals will not be provided for the decreased people, and no refund will be made.
    ■ Dormitory/Semi-private (double / wide)
    Cancellation 8 to 14 days ahead:30% of accommodation fee
    Cancellation 2 to 7 days ahead:50% of accommodation fee
    Cancellation one day ahead:80% of accommodation fee
    A room is cancelled on the booked check-in day, or a guest fails to check in without any notice:100% of accommodation fee
    ■ Private
    Cancellation 15 to 21 days ahead:30% of accommodation fee
    Cancellation 8 to 14 days ahead:50% of accommodation fee
    Cancellation 2 to 7 days ahead:80% of accommodation fee
    A room is cancelled on the booked check-in day, or a guest fails to check in without any notice:100% of accommodation fee
  • Q.Please tell me how to contact you if I can't reach the reservation center when calling it for contact/consultation?

    A. During the peak season (June to September), you might not reach the acceptance center. In this case, please mail the consultation platform specified on the home page. Issues such as reservation will also be handled by email. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • Q.Will passport be needed for check-in?

    A. Yes, passport will be required through check-in. According to the laws and regulations of the Japanese government, foreigners who do not have a residence in Japan must provide their nationality and passport number, in addition to name and address.

About Meals

  • Q.What about breakfast,if I want to leave at midnight,?

    A. The breakfast is served with bento, which will be provided at the time of dinner. Therefore, the guests who go out at midnight can take it as portable food for mountain climbing.
  • Q.What time does dinner start?

    A. We will notify the guests successively from about 16:00. Please understand that dinner time might not meet your requirements sometimes.
  • Q.When should I arrive for dinner?

    A. Dinner usually ends at around 19:00. If you could not make it on time, we might be unable to provide dinner. Therefore, please arrive at Toyo-kan before 18:00 at latest. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Q.Do you offer children price (children meal)and special meals for allergy?

    A. We have not set price for children. All the products for children will be provided at the same price as that for adults. We do not offer children meal either. So, if you need no meal or plan to bring your own food for reasons like allergy, please contact us. In addition, there is no menu for food allergy. The kitchen does not provide special meal for allergic customers. Please understand.

About Facilities

  • Q.Is there free Wi-Fi?

    A. Yes. Please consult the staff for details.
  • Q.Is there any charging service?

    A. Private/semi-private (double/wide) guests can charge devices with the sockets installed in compartments or rooms. Please understand that dormitory guests cannot charge devices. In addition, please avoid using the sockets in public space such as the hall. Thanks for your cooperation.
  • Q.Can I borrow a charger?

    A. Sorry, we do not prepare chargers. Please carry one yourself.
  • Q.Can I wash my face, brush my teeth, and change my clothes (dormitory)?

    A. The water on Mount Fuji is so precious that there are no drinking stations and washrooms in the mountain hut. Please bring your own wet towel or wet face/body tissue. Rinse your mouth with mineral water or tooth tissue. Wet face/body tissue and tooth tissue are available in drug stores. If you stay in dormitory, the staff will lead you to the changing area. please contact the staff of the mountain hut.


  • Q.If I am planning to watch sunrise on the mountain top, what time should I start off?

    A. It takes three and a half hours to four hours from Toyo-kan to the top of the mountain on average. However, depending on the time of sunrise and density of people, the time required for mountain climbing will change. If you have any doubt, please consult the staff on the relevant day.
  • Q.Can I deposit my luggage at Toyo-kan before reaching the mountain top?

    A. Mount Fuji's uphill road is different from the downhill one. You will go directly to 5th Station from the mountain top, then downhill and do not pass through Toyo-kan.
    Therefore, we cannot store your luggage. Please understand this.

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